Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whistle Stop Tour

On Sunday the 21st one of my team mates Bill and I hopped on a bus for Vancouver to join Elizabeth May in Vancouver for her cross Canada train tour. We traveled with her as far as Mission on the train. At the rally in Vancouver I met a lot of the lower mainland candidates, I told them I would meet them all in Ottawa. About 200 people showed up to cheer May on. My daughter and her husband and some of their friends came. It was so good to see them.
On the train our car was at the front of the train and Elizabeth's cars were at the back of the train. It was a long walk back and every conductor stopped us along the way. May's cars were full of reporters and when we were coming into Mission we all had to walk the long walk of cars to the front so Elizabeth could talk to the 30 people waiting to see and shake her hand. Elizabeth was thrilled along with the supports. I had a great time. A lot of pictures were taken but not with my camera.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Art and Politics

I am going to be very busy till the 14th of October. Canada will be going to the polls on that day. I have been appointed candidate for the Green Party of Canada in Abbotsford BC.
Art and culture are what make up the people of this country. Without art and culture how could we distinguish ourselves and show what our dreams are made of. Without healthy bodies and minds without clean air to breath and clean water to drink, or secure finances, we have no art and no culture.