Thursday, September 29, 2011

 QA: Kiss (Quality Assurance: Keep It Simple Stupid)
By Lynda Lancaster

I must admit I had a hard time with the title of Lynda's book, only because I do not like using the word stupid. At the beginning and end of each chapter Lynda writes, “The more process there is in place, the higher the risk for error”. Reading the book gave me a better insight as to the usage of stupid. It reminded me of the advice I was given from a mechanic when I was buying my first vehicle. “If you don't need a four wheel drive don't buy it, it's just more to maintain and more to brake down”. Lynda's book has valuable insights as to why we need to simplify our lives. I loved her stories of the things she did as she was growing up. You can feel her frustration at being a women in the work force that is geared toward men.

As I was read Lynda's book I could not decide how to classify it, is it autobiographical, self help or philosophical. It is all of the above. She wrote it for a general audience, relating to business or life in general. Lynda feels it is autobiographical and philosophical.

The inspiration for her book came out of the frustration with the inability to start up small business in our time. Technology that is convoluted and complicated. Government boondoggle, wasting tax dollars. All of these things hinder the ability to entice and nurture the creation of small business.

This book would be beneficial to anyone, not just someone starting a business.

I have personally known Lynda for about a year and find her soft spoken, never condescending, warm, giving and interesting, to name a few. One of her bosses gave her the name of “Dragon Lady”. I asked her how she could be called Dragon Lady. Lynda was know for taking on projects no one else wanted, finishing them within budget and exceeding customer expectation. She got the job done with cooperative team work. Cooperation is the key word, competing against each other is not team work.

To conclude Lynda talks about the value of respect we must have for each other to be more productive. To love each other and celebrate our differences. I feel the need to stress we must “Celebrate our differences”.

The more process there is in place, the higher the risk for error.”

Monday, September 26, 2011

BC Rivers Days

Rivers are our life line, they nurture us, providing the life giving water we cannot live without.They are home to many species of fish, mammals, birds and small organisms. They are used for transportation, recreation, food source, etc. Yet we pollute our rivers with industrial waste, garbage and sewage. Everyday we should be keeping the rivers and lakes clean! 
The streets of downtown Enderby are always quiet on a Sunday morning.
Sunday September 25Th 2011 was BC Rivers Day. Lucky for us the rain stopped before we set out for a clean up along the river.  River Days is meant to bring awareness to our rivers with a clean up, educational displays and entertainment I had other business in the afternoon so I missed the entertainment

The Chamber of Commerce and the Tourist information sit along the  Shuswap River.

The Museum had photo displays, I like this photo of the guy balancing on a chair on a log in the river.! Wish I could see that in real life.

Listening to the speeches of the Mayor  Dee Wejr,  Area F director and RDNO Chair Herman Halvorson, and Splats'in Councillor Randy Williams or his name is Silleattsa (Two blankets)

The group of cleaners, speakers, and people with information. Mattie the dog even helped by nibbling up any food in his path.(When he wasn't playing with it or running after ducks into the muddy water)

A young Eagle watches the clean up.

What a difference in the size of the river from summers large volumes.

I was happy to see the large pile of junk cleaned up on the other side of the river, it needed a truck. Why do people think it's OK to leave junk on a beach they recreation  on?
BC Hydro had a Power Smart Booth. I asked about the controversial Smart Meters. I still have research to do but according to the young women, If you were to stand next to a smart meter over it's 20 year span it would be equal to a 30 minute cell phone call. The meters only send radio frequencies one minute per day.
If you were to have a power outage BC Hydro would know where the outage is from the meters information. You would never again have an estimated bill from BC Hydro. You will be able to go on line and see by the hour how much hydro you are using. So why is it the consumption is high at two in the afternoon when you know you were taking a nap or at work. Think about how old your present meter is, they have not been replaced in a very long time. Would the Smart Meters be more efficient and are they safe? Be informed check it out for yourself.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To The Fields & Foods Harvest Celebration at Green Croft Gardens

Gabriele and Wolf hosted a harvest celebration to thank supporters. Chefs, Producers and Sponsors were invited to promote their businesses. They had Chefs from as far as Victoria. The local Chef from Grindrod, Afka Zonderland with Foods Alive, she specializes in raw foods. From Kelowna they had Dave Kyte, Seasons Harvest and Greg Howell, Hanna's Restaurant. From Victoria Mark Currier Pizzeria Prima Strada.
It was a pleasure touring the gardens, feasting on the raspberries in the fields, playing with the many dogs, and talking to our many new friends. I enjoyed the salads. 

That's one big BBQ

Lynn's chocolates, the best and she makes organic chocolate.

Afka's dehydrated treats.

Not only did they have something for the tummy but also something to keep your head warm.

What a beautiful setting for an organic garden.

It was such a beautiful day. I came with a little pink jacket and I took it off and put it on as the sun moved across the sky and the clouds drifted over and around, as long as I was in the sun I was warm.

Garlic drying in a shed.

Love the mini pumpkins.

I feasted on salads.

Pickled beets and goat cheese salad. 

Line up for food it was very long.

Helpers scooping out potatoes to be filled with lamb stew. 

Wine tasting.

The road was full of cars parked making for one lane traffic. It was a quiet street.

Lots of happy people and dogs enjoyed the feast. Be sure to visit your local farmers market for the freshest foods grown and prepared  with love. From the fields to your table. Thank you Gabriele and Wolf!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I.P.E. Parade On a beautiful Saturday Morning

Saturday September the 3rd, Steve and I got up early and drove into Armstrong for the I.P.E. Parade. I only got a few shots of the few floats, bands, people, horses, and many sunflowers. I didn't even get to hear the bag pipe band. We had fun riding in circles just missing each other. Christine brought mint from her garden and we(I) gave it out instead of candy. Kids were lined up along the streets with goody bags waiting for candy. Christine was a big hit on her penny farthing. (When mentioning Penny Farthing someone asked where she was). We also got people asking who 's face is on the May Flowers? Elizabeth May! And we were happy to get an honorable mention in the judging of the parade.
Askews family hippie's going with the theme "Flower Power" Peace Brother! 

One of the many bands

Kelowna had a working Pogo with coveralls.

Christine was a hit on her Penny Farthing. Her shoes wouldn't stay on so she had to tie them on, at lest they were green.

The Bee stung smiles on all the faces. No Elizabeth May is not part of her wing, it's really on the back of my bike. 

Dave and his sunflowers they were "heavy"

Cop of a different era. 

She collects parasols and he loves old cars together it's so lovely.

Pony's and chuck wagons.

Pony's and men in cowboy hats.

The four of us Christine, Steve, Dave and me.

Love the t shirt, one way to a perfect figure, but you are perfect just the way you are.

The honorable mention, and the sunflowers that adorned my helmet, and became my fascinator afterwards for the fair. They were hoping to get in the Guinness book of world records for the most people to were a fascinator. I don't know how they were counting.
Flower Power!