Friday, November 29, 2013

As November Comes to a Close

Where has November gone? Being busy getting ready for the "Little Treasures" Art Show is a big part of Novembers demise. My accomplishments are many, yet for some reason I don't feel like I have done much , but finish off series after series on Netflix, get into a morning loop on facebook , get into a morning loop on facebook, get into..the loop. 
The dragonfly's are hung, dazzling the brown wall.
Five dedicated artist spent two days hanging the art show. Saturday the 16TH was the opening and we had rave reviews. The artist at the Courtyard Gallery really outdid themselves for this show. I hope you are able to go and do some shopping for your loved ones at the Gallery. If shopping isn't what you do then I hope you can go visit and take in all that the Gallery has to offer, the inspiration of art.

The cliffs "Winter Cliffs" and "Sunflower Cliffs". Ruth Swenors colorful abstract and Terri Reids "Goats".

The real winter cliffs from our backyard.

It has been cold, by the river the dying grass grows frost in the shadows.
Yesterday I finished a commission that I have been working on for "The Healthy Chocolate Company". When I paint a top I don't paint one I paint as many as I can get on the table. I worked on three. Below are the two tops I painted with the commission. 
Tree Top of random colors, and squash blossom inspired flowers.
Tree Top with expandable paint, giving the tree depth and texture.
Happy Birthday to my Little Sister November 28TH. All the best to everyone, until next time. The road is long, don't forget to relax, and breath deeply along the way.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Peace, Pair And The Dragonfly's

I am loving the colors, the rustle of the leaves, I feel like a child again when I walk through them with glee, the dog avoids me at times of rustling, Come to think of it so does my husband.

It feels good to have my glass ornaments done for the Courtyard Gallery, I like them so much I might have to buy them myself. It also feels good to have the dragonfly boxes done, they are going to look amazing in your house, the hallway perhaps? 

On with the next project, I have a plan, but we shall see what tomorrow will bring.

Mattie is not a poser, but he loves the sun.

Waiting for the finish among the spilled bowl of squash.

From the start.

Peace, Pair and the Dragonfly's.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Art Medium?

 Last night on the way to Armstrong for a Humorous speech contest, I was asked what my favorite art form was. I rattled off, fiber arts, fabric paint, watercolors, foil, wood, acrylics, I couldn't say what my favorite was, but I do like popcorn and chocolate.  Food being slightly off topic, we decided chocolate was an art form, and I will be making vegan chocolate truffles today. I thought I would try them with quince. I forgot to mention photography, I have been busy clicking  flowers still blooming, pumpkins, squash, works in progress. Singing is another art form I love, no favorites, that is why I am the "Master Dabbler" 
I have been busy working with my favorite things, the artist of the Courtyard Gallery are all busy getting ready for "The Little Treasures Show" in mid November,  Courtyard Gallery click the link for more information about the gallery. We had a Monday workshop and hand painted glass ornaments. I have been making rust dyed scarves, painting dragonfly's on wood and sketching for a painting on canvas. Tuesday is Toastmasters, Wednesday is choir practice and the yard is just about ready for winter.
Steve has been busy fixing our leaking car port, It no longer leaks, thank you Steve and his helper Louis.
Small sunflower planted by the birds, the water barrels still need to be drained.

White pumpkin, squash can be so much fun to make into soups, pies, patties and very good for the dog. They make such a lovely arrangement in the kitchen.

Works in progress, wood and foil.

Rust dyed unity scarf, with a view of the cliffs in our back yard.
Lots to do, I just hope I can finish all the projects I have planned. Do you have a favorite art medium? What would that be?
Who won the Humorous speech contest? Enderby's Museum Curator Naomi Fournier. She will be going on to Golden next week, congratulations.
Until December 5 or when we get enough signatures I will be collecting signatures for a petition to hold a referendum to vote on the decimalization of Marijuana. Karina of the Healthy Chocolate Company and I share a booth at the Armstrong and Enderby Farmers Market.  It has been cold in the mornings. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

BC River Days In Enderby

The drummer singing river chants
A big thank you to all the wonderful people who worked at making BC River Days in Enderby a success. Last year I was busy photographing the lanterns and didn't get  to launch my lantern. Cathy Stubington stored about 70 lanterns from the year before and as I was walking around last night I found my lantern from last year and was able to launch it into the river. I loved the drumming and chanting, I had to sing along. It was a happy event with kids laughing and young people on stilts in bird costumes. It wasn't raining.

The precision to the river to launch the lanterns

Fire seams to engulf the grasses

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fascinating Squash Blossoms

Lately I have been fascinated by Squash Blossoms, food that inspires art. I can see how Art Nouveau was inspired by nature; the intricate veins on the newly forming blossoms or leaf, the twisted petals of a dying blossom, the unfurling tendrils. Our squash plants seem to be growing more male blossoms than female blossoms, the female produces the squash, so I have been snipping off the male blossoms and making a kind of squash blossom crape.  Maybe tonight I will try stuffing them. They can be savory or sweet, I like the crape just a bit sweet, and I use, organic oat flour, corn flour and tapioca flour. I cut the stem part off, and take out the stamens, that end of the blossom can be bitter. This is making me hungry. Have fun creating your own squash blossom dish, let me know how your's turn out.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Whimsical Soul"

Marc Ferland with his Guitar case

Marc Ferland, Montreal Born , Enderby Artist, puts “Whimsy and Soul” into His Work.

In Alert Bay, at 25 years of age Marc started an apprenticeship in carpentry. He fell in love with carpentry, it kept him grounded and gave him a comfortable living. He works well with his clients and through his suggestions he has helped them to create wonderful living spaces.

Working motivates Marc to be an artist. At work you are doing what your client wants you to do, but in your studio you can do 100% what you want to do. Wood is one medium Marc likes to study, copper fascinates him, his studio is full of his works in acrylic, soapstone, clay and repurposed old stuff. He is inspired by nature, getting out of town, off the road, paddling a canoe up the river, gives him back the vivid colors of life that you lose when you are surrounded by city walls and noise everyday. Marc loves being surrounded by other artists and music is also an inspiration.

Marc likes to share his knowledge in a spontaneous way, it's important to help the younger people that don't have the judgment and can listen to your ideas with an open mind. He would never want to teach in a structured setting but would like to do workshops, maybe how to do curves in wood?

Marc feels his greatest achievement is his friends. Sometimes he has to pinch himself in wonder at how he has so many good friends, “We spend a lot of time laughing at me.” He also wants to be himself and not to copy someone else; he knows inside he has something that no one else has. “Don't look for treasure in someone else's back yard, find the treasure inside yourself. Don't listen to the voices that say No, you can't do that, you don't have the money, the time, the materials. Art is about doing it.”

“Find the treasure inside of you, and work with what you have.”

Marc is a member of the Courtyard Gallery; for more information on the gallery, go to

His work melts into his hands. August 4, 2013 In the Courtyard of the Courtyard Gallery.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

30 Annual Midsummer Festival Smithers BC

Midsummer Festival in Smithers this year 2013 was wonderful. It was two days of driving to get there. Steve was stopped once for doing 122 KM, the officer was very nice and gave him a warning, thank you for looking after us. Smithers has a lot to be grateful for in the BVFMS Bulkey Valley Folk Music Society. Starting out as coffee houses and concerts it has morphed into 30 years of Midsummer Music Festival, coffee houses and concerts. Out of all of that came  Valentino's (cabaret  30's style) guitar camps for youth and adult, seed money to help start more festivals, Kispiox Festive,  Edge Of The World Festival on Haida Gwaii, to name a couple. The BVFMS also provided the inspiration for music to live in our hearts and beat forward to touch a community and a region, the children have grown, surrounded by the art of music in all its forms. Thank you BVFMS, for all your years of work, I will always consider Smithers home in my heart.

James Keelaghan and Oscar Lopez  at the Jam zone on  Saturday doing a workshop called "Get Out Your  Guitars" performance workshop.  These two have been playing together for 26 years, they do bring out the play in each other. James feels that rhythm guitarist are underrated, I understand what he is saying, for myself I was happy to play rhythm guitar, but with a voice like James Keelaghan who needs a guitar.The audience roared when I said that as MC on Saturday evening, they love his voice. Oscar Lopez, said to play from your heart and soul, have fun, let your Tiger out!

Saturday evenings audience from Main stage.

The Kids Area. Norma Stokes has been busy making puppets, she, Melanie Monds, Jeannie Boyce, and Kate Kantakis have a puppet troupe called BV Puppetry. They did their own version of "Jack and the Bean Stock" On stage are Jack and his Mom.

The kids got a little carried away when the Giant came walking through.

The Giants Wife and Norma Stokes puppeteer, co festival coordinator.

A small part of the sound and stage crew, Jason, George Stokes and Chris. Main stage.

driving home fields of hay bales and cliffs.
Links to three northern festivals;

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Tea Party

Roses from our garden, mixed with carnations and an old silver tea pot, add up to a lovely table  decoration
On the weekend Steve and I drove to Abbotsford  for a Tea Party.  The setting for the party was  beautiful gardens, and lush green fields. Everyone brought food, no one left hungry. In fact we took some food home with us. Love a party outside. The next day we went to a Birthday party for Steve's nephew. It was a party weekend.Great to see people I hadn't seen for a long time.

Strawberry rhubarb galette, and an Irish lemon cake.

The unsuspecting Step daughter.

The bee's also enjoyed the party.

More wine, more food?

Natalie and Jonny

Jonny and Karen

Study of sun refraction and shadow

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tenth Anniversary

Baby bunny in John and Dorothy's front yard.
May 17TH Steve and I celebrated our Tenth Anniversary, we celebrated with family and a few friends, in Vancouver, but what did I take pictures of?

Beer foam at the "Storm Crow"


Fence & Garden
It was a great trip.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Wow, 300 people walked through the new Courtyard Gallery in Enderby on this full moon evening. Take a deep breath and smile. Thank you all.
It was a long path to get to last night, from years of talk about it, to lets do it, to a lot of hard work and dedication. This is a group effort, the Gallery will be open today Friday April 26, 2013. Displayed is a variety of art, paintings in water color, acrylic, oil and mixed medium, jewelry of glass, semi precious stone and bone, sculptures of once upon a time chairs, paper  mache dragon,  flags of global and ancient water symbols, photography, felting, and more, you must go see. Hours are 11:00 to 4:00 Tuesday to Saturday. But if you can not make it on those days, let us know, we can work something out.
For more info about the artists check out Courtyard Gallery

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Courtyard Gallery has been a busy place lately. The art is all in, the task of placement is now in order.

The grand opening is 
Thursday, April 25 7-9 PM

104-907 Belvedere Street, Enderby BC

Hope to see you there

Showcasing the original works of local artists.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 was Purple for Epilepsy Awareness Day. At nine years old Cassidy Megan founded the day five years ago. "I wanted to Have one day where everyone in the world could show support for people with epilepsy and teach people about epilepsy." Ten year old Cassidy shook hands with the Queen and last year Cassidy was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal.

I started off my day by walking the dogs, exercise, sunshine and dusty air.

With a basket of goodies I received from The Center For Epilepsy and Seizure Control in BC, I strolled down to the Tea at the "Country Coffee Shop" with possible support group participants. I walked into the Coffee shop and it was full, a table of four was set aside for us, lucky, by the time the last couple arrived another table became available for the six of us. We were noticeable allwearing purple, except for Kelly who was wearing red, in fact I noticed a lot of red. Anyone walking in wearing purple got a pencil, magnet, bracelet, bookmark, of their choosing. Three of us have epilepsy, one of us feels isolated by her epilepsy and was excited about having a support group in Enderby. After the tea I walked about the town and handed out my goodies, to eager takers, in doing so I met more people with epilepsy or who have family or friends and would also be interested in a support group.

March 26TH happened to fall on a Tuesday which is Toastmasters night, I took the position as Chair for the evening with the theme "Epilepsy". I invited the new support group and three were able to come to the meeting. Everyone had some tone of purple on, I was sure John in his fedora with squares of purple paper in his hat band would scare off the guests with his hand shake of a purple, balloon stuffed glove. For the break we had cookies and purple corn chips with purple, beet dip. Heather thought a purple dip was a good choice, if we spill, it wouldn't be as noticeable on our purple clothing, as John dropped a lump of dip from his chip, onto Heather's skirt.

I reached back into my past as I researched famous people with Epilepsy, Neil Young was one of my favorite singer song writers. I quenched my throat with water, and took a deep breath, out of my throat came "Helpless", helpless, helpless, helpless, helpless......the song felt suitable for the day, the feeling you may have at loosing your drivers license, waking in the street, not knowing where you are, with strangers yelling at you as if you are drunk, pain in all your body, confusion, doctors voices spinning in your head, pharmaceuticals, no climbing of ladders, no taking of bathes..........Helpless.

I'll get over it, who can be sad when they are wearing purple flowery Tom canvas shoes, every one wanted my shoes, at a size 3 girls they only fit me.

Love you all!