Sunday, August 23, 2009

Campbells Gold Honey Farm and Meadery

August 22 Campbell's Gold in Aldergrove on Lefeuvre Rd had an art show with music, food and wine tasting. These are just a few photo's from the show.

Fields of sunflowers.

Jessica and I walked up the sandy road to see the be hives. The sand was getting in our shoes so we took the shoes off. The warm soft sand was wonderful on our bare feet.

Bee hives.

Jessica posing with the bees.

Wine tasting at the Meadery

The gift shop.

Embroidery and Design by Gemini. Marion MacHaffie

Bags with dogs embroidered on them.

Me modeling the "I'm so far BEEhind I thought I was first" apron.

Dog Embroidery on Bag by Gemini

"My Fathers Garden" Janice Bobic

"My Fathers Garden" Jellies

Spiced crab apples "My Father's Garden"

Buttons and detail on Yvonne Holden's hand woven jacket

Hand woven Shaw. The feel was exquisite.

Yvonne Holden, Hand weaver

"It's the Little Things" Fairy doors hand crafted by Len and Jacque Wills.

Danerz handcrafted jewelry and Spa, Diane Shreve.

Rings by Diane Shreve

Ellen Miller glass jewelry

The Glasshive studio, glass by Ellen Miller

Sophie St. Pierre, painting

Iryna Nikitinska

Iryna Nikitinska and Sophie St. Pierre

Flowers and Acrylic painting Sophie St. Pierre

Carol Williams Photographer

Edith O Vogstad frog painting

Lydia's rock art

Trudi Campen reclaimed glass creations and painter.

It was a very good day. The only complaints were the bees dropping propolis on the art work, they were calling it bee poop for lack of a better word.

My latest creations

I spent a day and half painting my bedroom and then I spent a day painting the art for the bedroom

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Queen Elizabeth park and Bloedel Floral Conservatory in Vancouver.

The Urban Garden Geodesic Dome house with solar oven and solar cooker in the back yard.

Planting a garden is magical and mysterious. The recipe calls for seeds, soil, sun and water. A bit of weeding and nurturing and the magic takes over with brilliant colors, scents of heaven and tasting the first fruits of your labour warm off the vine, ahhh.

A pair of pears

The Labyrinth

Zen garden

If you look through the Fairy window into the garden you will see the Fairies!

Ancient purple corn.

A feast for the birds

Who would have thought that such a useful shack would be turned into a garden ornament?

Don't eat!

Winter in the garden.