Friday, May 25, 2012

Casa Bella Line Black and White

Pilar Cote owner of Casa Bella Hair Studio at 706 George Street in Enderby kindly offered space for my designs. I decided to do a Black and White theme with a touch of yellow. The fabrics are cotton, cotton spandex, linen, and rayon. I made long black knit skirts, and a gored skirt fully lined with big pockets and zipper in the back, knit tops sleeveless with neck line and armhole detail and tops with 3/4 length sleeves. With the scraps of the skirts I made some purses, each one is different, with lots of pockets, adjustable strap and a clip to hold your keys so they don't get lost in the bottom. Today I was in the studio from 1:00 till after 4:00. I fitted a skirt and will be making it soon. 

I love my skirt, top and purse, as you see I have other colors to make the garments in. I have a swatch sheet on the dresser if you need a garment made just for you. This photo by Jette Russell


My husband Steve helped with the set up, you can see him  sitting under the dryer, as if he needs to.

To the left is the rust dyed table runner of silk and silk, cotton.

Displayed on the end of the rack the black top and long skirt with a patchwork purse.

If you are in the neighborhood I hope you can stop by and check out my designs, have a cut and color while your there.  If you can not find the size you want I can make it for you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

North Okanagan-Shuswawp School District #83 Zone Finals Public Speaking Competition

Public speaking is challenging, it takes courage to get up in front of a group of people and speak. That is just what 8 students from Grindrod, Ashton Creek, Parkview and Carlin schools did today May14th at Grindrod Elementary. They were in the North Okanagan-Shuswap School District #83 Zone finals Public Speaking Competition. Grade 7 speakers Arusha Bruns of Grindrod, her speech title “High School”, Arulia Puchinger of Ashton Creek her speech title “The Mayan Calender and the End of the World”, Liam Sutherland of Parkview his title “Bacon”. Liam was the winner in the grade 7 speakers. His speech was as humorous as he was serious in his presentation of how much and how many kinds of bacon that he loved. Is there really such a thing as squeezable bacon? Liam was easy to hear and he didn't use notes.
In the Grade 6 speakers we had Kyona Bruns of Grindrod her title was “The Vancouver Canucks”, Maia Charleston of Parkview her title “Laughing” and Brandon Gosselin of Ashton Creek his title “Hobbies”. The winner in the grade 6 category is Kyona Bruns. Kyona started out her speech as if she were interviewing Don Cherry with wishful thinking. She had a lot of interesting facts and I think her dream job will someday be a hockey announcer, like Don Cherry. Kyona has a clear voice with good modulation.
The Grade 5 speakers were Taryn Bottcher of Carlin her speech title was “Bullying”, Trinity Marshall of Ashton Creek with her title being “Dirt Biking”. The winner in the grade 5 is Trinity Marshall. The judges had a very difficult choice in the grade 5 outcome, they were just a few points apart. Taryn had an important message on Bullying and how to deal with it. Trinity talked about something she loved, a sport that is dominantly male.
I wish the best to all these kids.

The Judges,  Jenny Clark, Nancy Shopland and Elaine Cook

Grade 7 speakers Arulia Puchinger, Liam Sutherland and Arusha Bruns

Grade 6 speakers, Kyona Bruns, Brandon Gosselin, Maia Charleston

Photo op

Grade 5 speakers, Trinity Marshall, Taryn Bottcher

In the center Grindrod's proud Principal Deni McKinney, Elaine Cook  and Nancy Shopland.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Salmon, How Sacred Are They to You?

Salmon Are Sacred

Salmon have a great sense of smell, if they could smell a Hero they would award Alexandra Morton with the honor of “Salmon Hero”. No one wakes up on any morning and says I am going to be a hero today. Alexandra Morton is a Reluctant Hero of the Salmon, as a marine biologist she wants to be out on the water watching the whales. The Salmon have called to her, for 22 years she has been trying to get the Salmon feed lots off wild Salmon migration routes. The Salmon, Alexandra, First Nations, bears, and the Eagles all need our help.

The Salmon are dying from viruses that have been introduced by the Salmon farms owned and operated by Norwegian companies. Some of the viruses have been 100% fatal to Salmon. For more info on the viruses go to

What can you do ?
Stop buying farmed Salmon.
Write to your council and Mayor, “Please put a moratorium on Farmed Salmon in our Municipality.”
Talk to your grocer about not supplying Farmed Salmon
A $100 donation will send one fish to a lab to be tested for the ISA virus.
Write letters to anyone you think can help.

Salmon Are Sacred
Karen and Alexandra, The Ok/Shuswap Federal NDP organized a tour for Alexandra, I went to the one in Enderby at the Seniors Center. Well done a good number of people turned out and the chocolate zucchini cake was exquisite.  I gave Alexandra the envelop with a cheque for $100 from the Ok/Shuswap Green Party of Canada. It will send one Salmon to a lab to be tested for the ISA virus.
general Inquiries e-mail:

The poster

This is the cover of a hand out with graphs and more info on the three viruses killing Salmon.

This is the back page of the handout, love the picture of Alexandra shopping for fish, to be tested.
I stopped eating Salmon when they started to decline, as a vegetarian it was easy, I also felt the bears, eagles and First Nations should have first choice.
I can not imagine a world with out Salmon. They give so much to this earth and are integral to the ecosystem. Please help the Wild Salmon. No more fish farms on our oceans.