Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life Without Art

Art and culture are the threads that hold the fabric of society together, without those threads society slowly frays and falls apart.

Without art we would have no Fairy windows to look into the Fairy garden.

No Humyny

No art demonstrations.

No hand made guitars

NO FESTIVALS! Or festive occasions

No lips or mustaches

No dancing with Dad or daughters with tattoos

No costumes

No K Adams

No art in the street

No interesting Architecture

No impromptu art history in the street

No need to protest the cut in the art budget

No Birthday cakes

No Heritage buildings

Boring lines

Shades of grey
No books!

Yes homelessness
You to can have your own grocery cart just don't get creative in how you load it up!
I think you get the "picture" !!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inspiration Park

September 24th 2009
September 13th 2009, A Park has been growing in Abbotsford on the corner of Emerson and Simon. They call it "Inspiration Park". Dean Lauze is the artist painting the Mural. You can recognize the Abbotsford people of inspiration. Who do you see?
The weather has been exceptional for the painting, it should soon be done.

September 13th more work to be done

Monday, September 14, 2009

Light to Dark

Downtown Langley was hopping on Saturday the 12th of September. The streets were all closed off to traffic except for the cars in the Car show. But Steve and I were going to Langley to participate in the art demonstration by Dan Tibbits "Art of Nature".

Dan started out with acrylics. He likes to have his paint thin so he dilutes it with water. Working on an illustration board he first splatters the paint with his brush. You can let it roll around by turning your board up and around. He puts layers on, blow drying in between splatters. Tamping with a cloth and wipping will give more effects.

Dan is now adding shadow to bring out what he sees in the splatters.

You can now see the rocks, water drop and wood.

Next he worked on a framed board painting with oils. Again he likes to thin his oils he uses galkyd light. After watching and listening to Dan I have realized I have been using my brushes wrong. I have been very protective of my brushes and always go with the grain so to speak, not Dan he buys cheap brushes and cuts them and tortures them by dabbing and swirling and pushing them into his work. He also uses the handle end of his brush to scrap paint away.

Work from Light to dark.

I'm a Sagittarus

Daniel Tibbits has art shows coming up:
VCON- Science fiction and Fantasy Convention October 2-4, 2009, Marriott Pinnacle downtown, 1128 West Hastings Vanvouver.
Solo exhibition new series "Heavy Light" October 11 to November 15, at The Small Ritual Coffee Society, 1237 Johnston Rd White Rock, BC
Visit Dans web sight

Daniel also does private lessons in oil and acrylic painting, detailing, texturing and drawing techniques.

The barn car, I can't believe it's the only car snap I got.