Thursday, July 28, 2011

"The Fence"

Steve's branch fence project leaned against the hay bale fence inside the yard, in the shadow of the peach tree.
Those of you that follow my blog may remember seeing photo's of our fence. The hay bale fence covered with cement and stucco. For months we have been doing prep work to get the fence painted. I have the primer and paint for the first two coats. I don't want to just paint the fence, for me the wall is crying out to be embellished with art. My concept of the fence is to paint it like a stone wall with a stone archway in the center. In the archway I would paint the short history of the fence. I would paint a grid for the rocks and mortar and invite artist to paint a story in a block on the grid. It could be as a picture or written. I would have some blocks just for people to write their names in. In order to paint in a block you must bring a donation of accepted paint, brushes, cookies, fruit, carrots humm that leaves a lot out. I would use tones of stones for all the art work, so from a distance the fence will look like a stone fence, at closer inspection small paintings will imerge form the stones  

Karen scraping 

The paint first coat  will be primer and second coat will be Benjamin Moore & Co, OC-9 Ballet White

Interesting patterns of worn paint. 

Before Steve stuccoed. 
I will be at the Gypsy bazaar Friday's from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Saturday I hope to finish painting the primer and the first coat of paint. Stop by!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Enderby & District Art Council Art Festival

Amazing clown bubblies
Saturday July 23, 2011 was the Enderby & District Arts Council Art Festival. Almost everyone I saw was having a good time. Most of the booths and the food were crammed into the Maud St parking lot, that left the booths on Cliff Ave and Belvedere St were sparsely scattered and feeling miss placed. They could have placed all the booths in the blocked off street and avenue and used the parking lot for a parking lot.
Cottages and castles carved out of Cotton Wood Bark

Sparkling glass works

Mr Brown's chairs, some you wouldn't want to sit on, you might not even want to put a drink on them, they are Art Chairs.

Maddy  checking it out for comfort.

The juggler and the smoking man~'~

Maddy modeling my latest creation tiny blue top hat.

Glen Mitchell. Not only does he dance the dance he makes the costumes, you can see them at the Enderby & District Museum at 901 George Street July 16-Aug 7, 2011 

Ladies of the Museum dressed in their finest hats and period costumes.

The young band "Clavious" Music in the streets  

Love the slogan.

It was a long line to the face painting booth.

The wait was worth it.

Caricature in cartoons

Naomi in her finest period dress, perfect.

The man in the small felt hat checking out the amazing felt booth.

All made of felted wool

Karen and her companion Maddy, Matty the little dog came to mix things up. "Are you talking to me?"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life Goes Open

Today The Enderby Arts Council is putting on an Arts Festival. I hope I get some good photo's for the blog. They will be closing off the streets, I love festivals with street closures.

On July 20TH Steve and our neighbor's Pat and Jeannette and I drove out to the Caravan Farm for an evening of outdoor Theater. Very well done, Most of the costumes were good but a few were rather odd. The first challenge was who's car to go in. Since Pat's wheel chair didn't fit in any of our cars Pat drove us all in her van.
The first stage was a walk up a steep hill at the Gazebo stage. Pat was shuttled to the sight. The audience surrounded the gazebo stage for the first 15 minutes of the play and then we all walked down a wood chip path to the forest stage.  The forest stage was just that a forest of great depth and enchantment with lots of hiding places, raven puppets, sounds of the forest and moving plants. People at the top of the bleachers had the best view. We all enjoyed the evening from the start, with it's scenic drive through the back roads, to the funny antics of modern day players of an old Play "A Midsummer Night's Dream". With all the rain we have been having we were lucky it didn't start to rain till we were all heading back to out cars. Check out the web sight for Caravan Farm Theater and Farmers Market.

Yesterday I helped out at the Gypsy Bazaar all day. I finally got new business cards, I don't really have a business so maybe I should call them my information cards. I replaced all the old white outed and pen printed phone numbered cards with the new ones( I use the cards on my garments as sale tags). I vacuumed and changed the window display, helped customers. It looks good and just about ready for the Art Show, Uh ready or not....

Part of last nights dinner

the flower head of a garlic, they had to sit on the porch the pungent aroma of the garlic was a bit much on the kitchen table

Yet another project that has been hard to get to due to rain, etc, the fence is now clean and patched ready to paint.
Steve had to do the shopping at the Farmers market since I was working, he picked up some lovely carrots, zucchini and beans. I made a quick dinner of carrots and beans topped with earth balance and blue corn chips topped with green olives stuffed with garlic, hemp seeds, red onion tops and Daiya no soy, no dairy cheese. YUMMMMM....