Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gold In the Clouds

Steve and I had an interesting walk through the park and streets of Abbotsford today. We followed the strangest clouds, it was like an eye in the sky. A white haired women with a walker stopped us and commented that she had never seen anything like it. Our walk started out so quite with so few cars on the road crossing against the light would not have been a problem. We figured everyone was watching the hockey game for Gold. We were just coming out of the park at Age Rec when we started hearing the horns.

The soccer field was a splash of moving color as we left the park and on to Trethwey Street. All the way to South Fraser Way and back home to George Ferguson Way the noise from the cars and people was deafening. Flags and arms hanging out of cars, young and old, with so much excitement I wished I could bottle it. Sports seams to be what moves Canadians. If I could take that bottle of excitement and use it for poverty, climate change, apathy, no genetically engineered food, water, bears, whales my list is long, the world would be a very different place.

I posted a video on YouTube I hope this works It's taken me hours.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Abby Live-Site February 19th

Last night it was a crowd of dancers, organizers, vender's, entertainers, families and fitness buffs. It was very exciting to watch on the big screen with a group of people as Canada received another gold medal through Jon Montgomery in men's skeleton.

Here's Dan at our Water booth reading about Abbotsford History, the small books were put together as a school project, and they are being sold for $3.00 each.
The Jazz had us swinging in the isles, and we had the best seats. I wasn't happy they had her in the gym with the kids, she still sang her heart out.
The kids had a great time on all the inflatables.

Come on down check out the vender's the big screens and the fun. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Water Wishes

Yesterday I made flags with ancient water symbols on them. The Abbotsford Green Party of Canada will be giving them away at our water booth at the Abby Live-Site. The Alchemist symbol for water is a down pointing triangle so I cut the flags in triangles. I made two strings of twelve flags each and I have twelve different water signs.

Our Water booth will be at ARC the 19th from 5pm-9pm, 20th from 12noon -9pm and 21st 12 noon-9pm of February, come on down and put your name in the draw for prizes. For more info about Live-Site check out

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Abbotsford Live-Site February 13th

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon and I thought I would go down to Live-Site at the Abbotsford Rec Center and see what it's all about. I plan on being down there next week end with a booth all about the future of water. I had my choice of parking spaces and some of the vender's were board. I took snaps of just a few things today. Picked up some chocolates for my Valentine, and had some good conversations with many of the vender's. Be sure to check it out it is free, they have a large bouncy thing for the kids, and a big screen TV with Olympic sports, Food lots of food, chocolates, bread cookies. Some beautiful knitting, paintings, aromatherapy, delicious smelling soaps.

Terry McLaughlin Stone Sculptor and recycled Art

It wouldn't be a live-site with out kids playing with bouncing balls and hoops of all sorts.

The Graphic Guild had a good showing of Artist, they are a great bunch!

For more info check out Go and enjoy and come see me on the 19, 20 and 21 at our water booth.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A little drizzle did not dampen the spirits on Marshell road February 7, 2010 waiting for the
torch to run by.
The bus carrying the Torch barriersWaiting his turn to run.

I wanted to see my friend Alanna Dean run with the Olympic torch. I couldn't find her But I did catch two torch barriers, and watched the people, children to grandma's and grandpa's waiting to see the flame go by. On my way home I saw a young women raising a sign high in the air, She wore a black short sleeve shirt and black pants. She was bright and cheery even in the drizzle and chill. The sign read "Education over Olympics" Will the benefits outweigh the disadvantages? Time will tell.