Sunday, April 17, 2011

72 Hour Photo Project

Starting the day off with Buddy our neighbour and Matty chewing the cat. When you call the dogs it's just Muddy!

Steve is off to visit his Dad in Abbotsford

Lots of computing.

The other week end project, mud and sand (3X) the wall that had been a doorway into the bathroom from the closet.

Sweeping in the shoes that Matty ate, I am wearing them as I type

Walking home from the Farmers Market wearing a fuzzy sweater, love that bread.

Getting ready to paint, the mirror must come off.

Dust masks make my face angry red, A bandanna doesn't bother me at all.

Dinning with the dogs.

Playing with the dogs in the back yard and getting some fresh air.

Matty and Karen's favorite snack.

Relaxing with the Nature of Things.

bed time and Matty is at my feet.

Just walking the dog, when he isn't sniffing every bush...

The top of Stanley St

Karen's favorite, a no no for Matty

More paint prep, I've decided the chipped painted bath tub is shabby sheik

munching a yam chip.

Beans and a root salad

Must be visible when you are walking the dog.

Earth hour.

Wake up!

It has been so long since I made pancakes.

Painting, it took three coats of paint and it is still a touch green.

Steve's man cave. The basement.

The popcorn bowl.

Putting all the parts back, I have had enough of painting in the bathroom.

No more door.

Steve organizing his Cd's

Dusting off the photo's to get ready for the Art Social.

Yam and beet stew yummm!

The Cliffs and the rainbow

The last thing to place and now we can see my funny face.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Art Social

Mattie after the party was over he flaked out from all the excitment,  and possable droppings of food.

Molly brought Daffodils
  Carrot ginger soup was on, chips were hovering in the bowl ready to be dipped into the hummus, punch was cold with pinapple cocanut Rooibos, cookies were sticky to the plate, art was hung. Folks started arriving.

We had art all over the house including the newly painted bathroom with a new low flush toilet

Art in the hall

Art in the livingroom

Steve's sky painting adding new dimentions to the kitchen

Trading cards. Our neihbour Lewis Zanleou, Greig Crokett our Green Party Candidate, and Don Richmond

Greg Crockett and Molly Bell doing a mock interview with an air mic.

The flowers from Karen's Endless Bloomes
 Eleven people showed up to admire the art, network and eat great food. Barb brought cinnamon buns which went into the oven right away, but once they came out they didn't last long I think it was the hint of Almond. Greig was answering questions and being gentle on his throat, he has done a lot of talking lately and has a lot more to do.

It's funny how a party will end up in one room, at one point we were all gathered in the kitchen around the stove and around the table. It was a good day, and I will sleep well tonight. Tomorrow I go to Vernon to do my volunteer job for the Green Party. Green's need a voice in Parlamont please give use that voice by voting Green. Or just don't vote and nothing will change.

If you were wondering how the sale went for our porch fund, the fund ended up in the toilet. We traded a painting for labour to put in the new toilet. I can cross that off my wish list, and we are saving on water! Thank you Jason.