Monday, March 24, 2008

I love art

We have many firsts in our lives and today is my first day of blogging.
I have been missing my art gallery, that sadly I had to close. I miss the expression on the face of an artist after the work was hung and the evening openings, meeting new friends and networking. I have thought long on how to get back a part of what was lost. In this blog I will bring you interviews with artists. Bring the artist to you. I thought I would start with myself.
Since my childhood in Cincinnati Ohio I have been surrounded with art. Mom had a room full of fabric for sewing and painted with oils. Dad had an upholstery shop and did amazing things with car interiors, custom cars, boats and furniture. He and I also loved singing in the church choir. Through the years I have worked with carving tools, making paper with recycled paper and dry flowers, paper-mache, macrame which helped when I did net mending in Prince Rupert, wood working and watercolors. Like my father I had my own upholstery shop for eight years. Recently I made custom clothing in my Dress shop/Art Gallery.
Waking dreams and conscious dreams inspire me. Walking on a soft dirt path with moss covered trees, breathing deeply the oxygen rich air opens ideas and creativity as much as a bizarre dream and I have many. It must be written down as a story or poem or captured in a painting, and sometimes both. Inspiration is my motivation.
I have several projects on the go to date; Painted fabric bags, rust dyed fabric, to be made into pillows and table runners, watercolor paintings and a book for children inspired from a dream. Not to mention this new blog which I hope will blossom, and inspire more artist to do what it is they do best.
Music has eluded me this past year but I love singing and enjoyed many years in Smithers playing the coffee house and Midsummer Festivals. The Bassic Sax Jazz Band was a band we had in Abbotsford, it was a big hit for the year we played. Misfortune struck with the illness of our Leader and Sax player extraordinaire.
Inspiration comes and goes and when it's hot I go for it.
Get inspired, Go green and pedal your bike!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Karen - you should have been blogging years ago!! Well, at least you are here now in cyberspace.