Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Message Of Hope

Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May was in Vancouver November 21 for the launch of her and Zoe Caron's new book "Global Warming for Dummies". The book signing was set at the Diane Farris Gallery. The group mingled carefully among the rather large amazing Chihuly glass and reflected at the Mongolian Renaissance paintings by Xue Mo. I know where I am taking my Mother next time she visits.

The goodies were lovingly made by Adriane Carr, Rob Hines and Amanda, (loved the cookies). They also organized the event.

It was so good to see Elizabeth May, all the fellow candidates, and supporters, people I have met over the year, I even met a woman I knew in Smithers years ago. I look forward to our next event. Although it was a grueling two hour drive from Abby to Van.

Climate Crisis is the title May wanted to call her new book in the series for dummies. The book took her two years to write, with the restrictions and format of the Dummy books.
When you open the book you will find
-How human activity is altering Earth's atmosphere
-What could happen when polar ice melts
-Which species could disappear if global warming continues
-Carbon-reduction success stories from around the world
-What the Kyoto Protocol is and what it means
-How the sun, wind, earth, and ocean can all provide clean sources of energy
-You can fight global warming by hopping on a bike or painting your roof white

Ms May signing and answering questions

Elizabeth May, Karen Durant, Adriane Carr, and Chihuly Glass

Diane Farris Gallery 1590 West Seventh Ave Vancouver

Xue Mo Mongolian Renaissance

Thank you Adriane, Rob, Amanda and Diane for this event, sorry if I left anyone out.
Thank you to anonymous for the photo's of Ms May

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