Monday, June 29, 2009

Art In The Park

Kariton House on Mill Lake
June 27Th was a perfect day for Art In the Park at Mill lake. There I was a perfect setting for my blog and I forgot my camera. The artists were all peaceful at their tables surrounded by their work, some describing in detail how if you take my course I can show you how to make an interesting sculpture out of an old tee shirt. Artists set up in strategic places painting the scenes that unfolded as the day progressed with people coming and going, doing what people do best in a park on a beautiful day.

I was there to see my friends and to do a survey to see how many people were interested in having a theater in Abbostford. Some people were surprised to know Abbotsford doesn't have a proper community theater. It is surprising! What we do have is Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, with no dressing rooms, no green room, no storage for props. We also have Abbey Arts Centre which is a part of the high school and has limited usage with school taking first priority, even if you booked it a year in advance.

A lot of people feel we don't have the money to build another project, and thought plan A plan B was going to included theater? I can't remember which plan was A and which was B, but a lot of people are wondering what happened, and who was not listening to the needs of the community? A community Theater should have been built 2o, 30 years ago. I won't mention names but we had a bit of name calling and the name bandied about was philistines, Abbotsford has had council after council of philistines, and people keep voting them in.

It was a beautiful day, with interesting people, good conversation, and plenty of art.

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