Friday, July 24, 2009


In preparations of our move Steve and I rented a large van and packed it full of boxes and furniture to go to storage and be one step closer to a new home.

We spent the weekend in Enderby watching people float down the river and looking at housing. So what do we want big garden, little garden, in town, out of town? Build or not build? So many questions but, do you love it?

To clear my mind I photographed street graffiti and slow river tubing down the Shuswap river, which looked like a great way to do nothing with a group of friends on a hot day. At Tuey park beach there is a sign warning people not to attempt tubing to Grindrod its a 10 to 12 hour float. What took us ten minutes to walk along the Jim Watt heritage river walk takes one hour floating. This weekend July 25Th they do one big float by connecting all the tubes together. This year could be the biggest year yet, with a new business that rents out tubes, selling air, and taxi service.

The 2009 grades were busy this year with streets graffiti.

On the way home the skies were beautiful, with the smoke from the Kelowna fires.

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