Monday, September 7, 2009

Litter is not art, butts of prevalence.

I love to walk, I get out for a walk as often as I can which is not often enough.The one thing I always see on my walks are cigarette butts, that have been idly discarded with no thought as to the fire hazards or care that they are the most littered items on the streets and walk ways. I see more butts that junk and fast food wrappers. I watch with contempt as people precariously throw their smoldering cigarettes out their car windows rain or fire hazard season.
I remember as a small child going somewhere in my Aunts car. She was driving and smoking, I was in the seat behind her. I get motion sickness and had the window open as big as I could to get fresh air, my Aunt flicked her cigarette ash out the window which flew right back into the car and into my eye. I was grateful my Dad didn't smoke, Mom would only sneak a smoke now and then. Mom's Dad was a carpenter and grew tobacco on a small acreage in Kentucky.
Tobacco has always made me sick, I keep as far away from tobacco smoke as I can. And I don't mean to lump all smokers into one category but some of them do not care about how they effect other people or whether they started the forest fire and that they are littering.
Smokers please clean up your butts I am sick of looking at them!

Fire hazard butts

Hydrant butts

Butts consorting with pooh

Traveling butts

Curbed butts

Drained butts

Butts on manicured lawns

Butt in crack

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