Friday, April 9, 2010

That's Not Art 2010

Some friends of mine are putting on an art show and calling it "That's Not Art 2010" an Abbotsford alternative art show.
With a name like that I figured it was time to pull out the old boob fabric. My friend Anne dyed this fabric for me using Cd's as a resist. The fabric was a blah beige, but has a beautiful drape, texture and weight, dying it has given it new life. I have been pulling this fabric off the shelf for years and putting it back. I am looking for new inspiration to paint cut and sew this fabric. I am determand it will not go back on the shelf.

From Josh, April and Brandon

THAT’S NOT ART 2010Abbotsford’s Alternative Art Show

Good day, fellow creatives! Here is our promised update email… we’ve got the date, time and place for you, plus some other information you might find useful. For those of you who haven't received any info on the show yet, our concept is essentially an alternative art show - featuring different, strange, unusual, off-beat and/or otherwise non-traditional art.

All mediums of artistic expression - painting, music, sculpture, crafts, film, drama, spoken word, etc - are A-okay.

DATE & TIME & PLACE Saturday, May 8th 2010. We’ve rented the space from 9AM - 12PM. The show hours will be approximately 4PM – 11PM. We encourage you to stay for the duration, but this is an informal event. It will take place at 2190 West Railway St., Abbotsford.

The space, music, parking spots, probably some furniture. We aren’t providing tables, hardware, setup equipment etc, although we might be able to arrange this for you if needed. You’ll need to cart in any essentials like chairs, easels, extension cords, lighting, etc. If you have specific lighting requirements, speak with us as we may be able to help you with lighting equipment

FOOD We’re considering a potluck-style food table. We (the show coordinators) will provide some food, but we encourage you to pitch in, since this is a sort of co-op event.

REFRESHMENTS Due to the liability issues for the space, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to serve alcohol at this event, but we’d love to next year!

We’ll need an entry fee of $10, payable when you set up at the show. This is a non-profit event and any excess money goes to the Black Rock Artist’s Fund. This is the only cost to exhibitors and serves only to cover the small cost of renting the space, a bit of food and cleanup costsNO COMMISSION We've decided to waive the 5% commission on sales. We're keeping our costs low and we want you to keep the profits of your sales. There will be an opportunity to donate to the charity if you like, but this is not required

SHOW PROMOTION We will be promoting the show with posters, press releases, and word of mouth – we encourage exhibitors to help spread the word! Bring friends and family, make your own posters, send out emails! Most of all, we’d love to get together with fellow artists to celebrate art that is somewhere outside the mainstream. This one-night event is an experiment in community – and it’s going to be a blast!

REGISTER Just shoot us an email to confirm that you’ll be there – that’s all there is to it!
We will be issuing further updates as the show approaches - any questions you might have can be sent to the email address

Josh, April, Brandon

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