Thursday, July 28, 2011

"The Fence"

Steve's branch fence project leaned against the hay bale fence inside the yard, in the shadow of the peach tree.
Those of you that follow my blog may remember seeing photo's of our fence. The hay bale fence covered with cement and stucco. For months we have been doing prep work to get the fence painted. I have the primer and paint for the first two coats. I don't want to just paint the fence, for me the wall is crying out to be embellished with art. My concept of the fence is to paint it like a stone wall with a stone archway in the center. In the archway I would paint the short history of the fence. I would paint a grid for the rocks and mortar and invite artist to paint a story in a block on the grid. It could be as a picture or written. I would have some blocks just for people to write their names in. In order to paint in a block you must bring a donation of accepted paint, brushes, cookies, fruit, carrots humm that leaves a lot out. I would use tones of stones for all the art work, so from a distance the fence will look like a stone fence, at closer inspection small paintings will imerge form the stones  

Karen scraping 

The paint first coat  will be primer and second coat will be Benjamin Moore & Co, OC-9 Ballet White

Interesting patterns of worn paint. 

Before Steve stuccoed. 
I will be at the Gypsy bazaar Friday's from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Saturday I hope to finish painting the primer and the first coat of paint. Stop by!

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