Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Have Been Busy

Karen ready for volunteering at the Gypsy Bazaar, it's interesting talking to the people that come and go. With all the road work on the highway more people are driving by and stopping in to see what  it's all about. 

I finally got a food dehydrator. I have dehydrated plums, pears, pumpkin and have done some interesting experiments with kale and onions. I love some of the kale chips.

My Favorite so far.

Wash and dried Kale, four large leaves, strip the leaves off the stalk into 2 to 4 inch pieces (5 to 10 cm)
One large radish chopped
presoak 2 tbs sunflower seeds
and 2tbs hemp seeds
juice of one lemon
sunflower oil 1tbs
miso 1 tbs
salt 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
Ginger powder 1/2tsp

Put all but kale into blender and make a thin paste. Coat the kale with the blended mixture and place on racks in the dehydrator. Set on a medium heat for two to four hours or until crispy.

Pat's pears were alien like, but I haven't had a tastier pear since. 

This looks like something out of a Kristian Adam painting.

Love the fall colors. 

Mattie, if you take enough pictures you are sure to get a cute one. Poor guy, it's flea season and he has a sensitivity to fleas. Lots of brushing , vacuuming and washing of doggy bedding.  If I'm not home for most of the day he will sleep on my pillow. 

We now have three fish. Denis & Linda added their big goldfish to our tank and they all get along just fine.

The Colendula continued to bloom after the frost, I was impressed. Our little square foot gardens were not as productive as we had hoped. We did get some big cabbages, the biggest one I made sauerkraut with. I am pleased with the first attempt, nice carrots, some peas and beans.

The beginning of a great batch of cookies, Lemon Poppy seed.

One of my campaign strategies was to have a booth at the Winter Market.  The table was laden with a tray of cookies (Lemon poppy seed painted with poppies using beet root powder for coloring and plum spice) aprons and lots of brochures. November 19TH Vote  Karen Durant for Enderby Council.  

This is Tom we nick named him "The Smoking Man", he always has a pipe in his hand. We bumped into him as we were waiting for the Remembrance Day service, we were an hour early and had to go home to get warm it was so cold. I asked Tom if I could take a picture of him and his beautiful medals. His answer was sad, "This is the first time I have worn my medals, I didn't like the way I was treated, they treated me better in England." The medals represent the places he had been and how many fronts he had been on. They did look good and had a nice jingle to them. I didn't ask him about his missing bit of ear maybe I should re nick name him "Smokin Tom Cat".

Steve at the Remembrance service. 

A beautiful fall day on the bridge, waiting for the runners in the Great Big Run for Africa

Fall river shot. Looking South from the bridge to Mable Lake.

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