Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's New?

The Fox "N" Star greet you as you approach the new location for the Farmers Market on Cliff Avenue off of the highway. 
The Enderby Farmers Market has moved the last three markets have been on Cliff avenue. Each time they have set up in a different way, last Friday was in my opinion the best. They set up down the center of the street back to back, it was easier to get around and the businesses on Cliff were more visible. It was also wheel chair accessible. We had a big storm on Friday and the Market got wet around tear down time. It poured and the wind wanted my umbrella, I just ducked into the Museum for a brief visit with Naomi the new curator. 

Green Croft Farms

Dalarose has some elegant hanging baskets.

Fun Buns tasty too.

Music of the country

On July 21 Grindrod had a Music and Arts Festival, they set up two stages a main stage and an open mic stage for the 15 minuets in between acts. A variety of music was performed on the stages.  
I set up a booth for the Green Party and brought art stuff I had crowding the corners of my sewing room, to do crafts with the kids. They made pins for Mom, rings, hair doodadsnecklaces, dolls, and had a great time. some of them kept finding things to make

The sky's have been interesting lately.

The artistry of the dugout canoe  in front of the Chamber of Commerce is a welcome inspiration.

The traditional Splatsin dugout canoe was carved by Tony Antoine , the rock work was built by Fred Koenig.
Thank you for this historical, finely crafted attraction, adorning our park and Chamber office.

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