Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Voice

Meditating on the sofa at 3 am, I think of my life as being fickle with mediums of various forms. I miss writing this blog, but lately I have felt the need to sing. Music is the silver thread that is woven through my life, starting with my first three months of life, crying at the top of my lungs, keeping the neighbors awake, making my young mother crazy with little sleep. Did I want to be here, was I scared, maybe I was just strengthening my lungs, what better way to get ready for singing? Singing encompasses the whole brain, if I sing everyday will I stop having seizures?
Fathers day has come and gone, Fathers Day, Sunday,  June 15th, 2014 I sang for Dad, myself and my friends. Dad has been gone ten years now, he was my singing inspiration, I loved the concerts he performed with "The King's Men" a male chorus group in Cincinnati. I don't know if they still exist, that was in the 60's and 70's. 
Balkan Chorus left to right Cathy, Mimi, Hillary, Dianne, Jean, Karen and Michelle. Gretchen and Sue were not able to be there. The banner in the back ground says 10th but it was the 13th Peony Tea.
Fathers Day was the 13th annual Peony Tea at the Curly Willow Farm in Grindrod BC. I have been singing with a women's Balkan Chorus, haunting rhythmic a cappella melodies, sizzling around tongue twisting lyrics.  I felt honored to be able to sing a solo, in "Joc De Laegane, thank you for the opportunity to sing out.
The "Peony Tea" is a fundraiser for "Runaway Moon Theater" click here to get to the web site for more info and what "Runaway Moon" is doing for the future. Many exciting and interesting projects to come. Also performing at the Tea was Mimi and her mellifluous voice, Murray MacDonald, Zampopo Flores, and Steve Fultz. The desserts were delicious, I had Dianne's cheese cake with walnuts, yummmmmm. 

Cat, taking donations and handing out scissors to cut the Peonies.

The field of Peonies, the heavy rain the night before spilled some of the peonies to the ground, but there was still enough for all to take home and enjoy an arm load of soft petaled delicate scented peonies.

In the puppet museum this guy stole my attention, with his mischievous, toothless grin.

"June Pole" coordinating the excited and colorful patrons.

Music for the "June Pole" Thanks to Michelle and the rhythm section.

My question is, after 13 years of the Peony Tea why is there still a mud puddle in the middle of it all? Sloshing through the mud of life, Surrounded by the sweet smell of flowers and cake, the sounds of mosquitoes buzzing, energetic rhythmic vocals and guitars, the sights of vibrant swirling colors, energizing the mud that makes us stronger.

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