Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ideas Pop

Ideas  flit around my head, popping up unannounced, expecting me to do something about it. I take them in and roll them around my head, evaluate their necessity or if I need a ladder to get it done. In my life before epilepsy I could pounce on each idea with a reassurance that I would be able to do this.  At least in my mind I don't need a chaperon to take me there. The writing I love has been minimal, it's in there just give it time, it could come in abundance.  When the weeds are shouting, their love for the garden and the sun beckons  you into it's warmth, I will leave the confines of this house and roam the garden, taking in the pleasures of scent, color, taste and the intricate patterns of nature. Then again I might just sit down and read a book, which insights more ideas, and regrets that I push away. How much can I let go? 
On my trip to Trout Lake I collected rocks, this is a small 4" x 4" canvas, inspired by Sheila Peter's Facebook profile. I'm also reading her new book "Shafted" a mystery.
I Have been busy with new art projects, Enderby has been busy too, with some wonderful new art around town.

Another 4" x 4" canvas, reminiscent of Pete's boat "Constant Virtue" "Connie" for short. 

The Enderby downtown breeze way has had a major lift of color and whimsy, you must check it out. This is Todd McCormac  the artist hired by the Arts Council to do the make over of the breeze way. I love how the butterfly has fluttered softly through his head.

This is at the skate board park, if it says something it is beyond me but it looks great, well done!

The Girl Guides of Canada were happy to swamp Enderby this summer, more than doubling the population. Heather was hired to help the girls paint the building that houses the washrooms etc, Thank you Girl Guides for the amazing visit, if I could just inspire you to change your cookie receipt to no chemicals, GMO's and all organic.  

The birds didn't want to be outdone and left and artfully dropped "Yin and Yang".

I finally finished my Creature from a dream. I'm hoping that when I look at it next I don't see another touch up.

My latest 4" x 4" canvas, abstract "Heart Attack".

It is good to pause, step back from progress, do I go straight, do I meander left or right? Day dreaming is a good tool, and I love what it brings, even if it doesn't suit me. Let it in, let it out, stomp on it, embrace it, give it the juice it needs to unfold and give you what you need to live.
Works in progress, if the table isn't a mess, nothing it being created. Where does sewing fit on this table?

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