Sunday, January 11, 2015

Taking 2014 into 2015

Where has the year's already January 11th! My daughter Yolanda, her husband Chris, their dog Scout, and my sister Jessica all came to Enderby on Christmas day from Vancouver and Abbotsford. What a wonderful time we had laughing, cooking, eating, playing cards, and walking the dogs. Jessica was very curious about the fact that Sir Anthony Hopkins had recently been in Enderby starring in the movie "Go With Me". The last day of the visit we all headed down to the D&E Diner for a delicious lunch. Jessica's first question to Heather (one of the D&E's owners), was where did Anthony Hopkins sit? She stood in that space and absorbed his energy. 
Chris, Yolanda, Jessica and Steve; a booth for six at the D&E Diner.
We had a big snowfall while they were here, or so we thought, the BIG snow was the weekend after they left, with no way to get out of our driveway for two days, no work, no school, many hours of shoveling and early mornings with a constant be-hp, be-hp, be-hp, of heavy equipment moving snow around. We had so much snow we didn't know where to put it. Getting beyond the volume of snow, the world of snow and ice fascinated my creative nature and the pristine beauty was everywhere.

Having fun with the settings on my new camera. 

This is a frozen puddle made by a car tire, I have never seen ice freezing in the shape of a snow flake.

Before we read the rules, we were ending up with too many cards in our hands.

The big snow, over a two day period we had 50 cm of snow. This is our side gate.

The back of our house, with Mattie sitting on the porch. Steve knocked the many snow piles off the plum tree. A lot of trees lost branches and some communities lost power.

The Enderby Cliffs, behind a snow cone piled on a sunflower.

Dried Echinacea flower and ice.

A dogs eye view, Mattie patiently waiting for us to finish shoveling the snow, so we can go for a walk, if we can.

Pear Pie, paper, Brandy Beans and holiday cards, what piles up on your table?

This pear pie I made for the gathering of the Balkan choir, wonderful time eating, socializing and singing!

Me and my camera. 

January 11, 2015 Shuswap River a misty Enderby Cliffs and the bridge.

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