Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Few of the Artist's at the Quaaout Lodge Art Festival

Riley Charters setting up her paintings, cards and jewelry. watch your step as you step into the bridge. Dave McKeown is in a booth behind Riley with his dream catchers, drums, beading and more.

Nelson Leon, I made the mistake of telling him he looked so cute, I had to take it back and say how manly he was, loved the colors,  he was the MC and singer, drummer.

Alisa Nielsen sparkled as much as her lovely glass work. Spirit Wolf Design.

Maynard McRae sits proud among the colorful bead work produced by Maynard and Janie. Sun Eagle Bead work & Designs.

Shirley Babcock, loving what she does.

It was difficult getting close to Melissa Nasby's booth, her felting was extraordinary. Soul Fiber Studio.

Dewey Smith, with his carving tools laid out on the table, he carves away at a mask.  The totem smiles and smirks for the camera.

Rikki Kooy modeling her designer vest. Spirit Elk Design Consulting.

Meagan Louis, such a beauty, I hope one day I see her wearing her beautiful bead work, I can imagine the amazement.

Lisa C. Dunphy with her painted landscapes of bright, bold colors.

Cam, Bear Skin Art & Design, native prints and apparel.
I was thankful to Bill Lowe for taking the time to call and tell me about this show, I would have enjoyed staying if we could have, the lodge was beautiful. Visiting with Riley and Bill was a inspiring. The lunch was good and sitting across from us was Hilary and her husband, Hilary and I sing in a Bulgarian folk choir together. The Quaaout Lodge was a wonderful setting for this art festival, now I know where it is next time they have an event I may be interested in. Just not the Golf.

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