Monday, July 13, 2015

Reasons to Celebrate!

Today's bouquet 
I was on a roll, heading into my 119th day of no seizures, every day was a celebration. The last two years from January to June I have had 8 seizures in those time periods, each. This year 2015 from January to June I've had three seizures, less than half, more reason to celebrate. Friday the 10th of July my friend Angie and I were heading to the Farmers Market, I didn't make it, a tonic-clonic seizure overcame me in front of the church on Mill Ave. My friend Karina just happened to be there and a woman named Kathy came along with water and drove Angie and I to my place, all two blocks that I could not manage with a twisted up ankle, short circuit of the brain and the platform sandals that added to the twisted ankle. Today is Monday and I am still a bit sore, when I have a seizure like that my whole body is tense like a cramp and it can be sore for days. Flailing around on the sidewalk I  scraped up my ankle and elbow, even tho a blanket  and coat were placed under me, with great difficulty I can only imagine.

As I go into a seizure I always have a profound awareness  of something we all strive to understand about life. In those brief moments I can only watch and wonder as I slip away falling in and out of reality. When it is over and I wake from the exhaustion of it all, it's gone, lost to my confused brain waiting for the memories of the last hour to slowly return.

At 41 Celsius for days, my body was stressed and the neighbors love whatever it is that spews forth chemical perfumes which seam to expand in the heat  and permeate my house, meaning I can not leave my windows open at night or I am inundated with chemical perfumes that make me ill. The smell sticks in my nose and it won't go away. The neighbors singing doesn't bother me but most of the time he is cursing what ever is in front of him, yelling for his wife or his son, yelling at the many dogs just being dogs,  he doesn't seam to be able to do anything with out cursing , long streams of potty mouth. Stressful.
The bracelets getting a coat of Varathane.

I have been getting ready for the Art's Festival, working on some wooden bracelets, sometimes my ideas feel like a train wreck spewing out of my brain, with so many ideas I will have many projects I will be working on in a day. The race is now on, what will I finish in time for the Art's Festival? I lost the last three days. Lucky I have a lot of art to fill up my booth not just the bracelets.
July 25th downtown Enderby hope to see you there!

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