Monday, September 7, 2015

A Weekend in Enderby

The stunned bird seamed to pose for the camera.
I stepped out onto the back porch, Steve was not were I thought he would be, he carefully walked from the other side of the house, with his arms in front of him, a small bird sat cupped in his hands. In that moment we all looked stunned. The bird had flown into the kitchen window, it took about 10 minuets for the bird to fly away into the cedars and beyond.  

Steve nursing the stunned bird.

I cleaned up the grape vine bed. The sweet peas were dragging the grape vine down, it was mostly vine, few flowers. The treasure was the pods that had popped their seeds and twisted up with small grape vine tendrils wrapped around the tips. 

Another surprise, the plum is blossoming again.

Bouquet of the sweet peas and a bit of grape vine. 

Trina March playing "Snifty Snakes". Trina came by with her Mom, sister and grand daughter on Saturday afternoon. We pulled out the game "Snifty Snakes" and we played the game for the first time. Steve has had this game kicking around for years, he just thought it was funny. The game box had a Burnaby BC address on it, Trina's mom was raised in Burnaby and had a games manufacture in the neighborhood, the one that made "Snifty Snakes". Fun was had by all. 

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