Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Can You volunteer?

Fridays are days I look forward to. After the morning walk, (walking with a friend always) it's off to the Farmers Market in Enderby. Last Friday June 10th my friend Trina and I set up a tent and talked about Epilepsy, to anyone interested on that rainy day. (Virginia drove use down, it took three of use to get the tent up.) 

We are fed up with having seizures and feeling helpless never sure if we will make it through a day without having a siezure. 
We will be setting up at the market as often as we can, to continue to educate others about Epilepsy and raise funds for research, education and hospital beds. We are also looking for volunteers to help fund-raise with us, we are still organizing, but have some great ideas for the days leading up to "Purple Day March 26th 2017".
Some ideas;
A Walk For Epilepsy, with a costume contest.
A dance

If you are interested in helping, let me know, maybe you have some ideas.
What we need help with now is getting to and from the market with all our stuff(tent. chairs, table, info, us)
If you are not able to volunteer, stop by our table at the market and buy my Art greeting cards, 50% of the processed will go to Epilepsy, research and education. See you there! 

Lavender, calming in the garden
The small table loaded with info on epilepsy, my greeting cards, donation jar etc.

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