Friday, December 12, 2008

The Geordian Knot

As a child George Young wanted to be a neurosurgeon. George is a Vancouver boy living his way up the valley from Aldergrove to Abbotsford. His mother was a commercial artist and he learned a lot about art at a young age. His fiancee was instrumental in getting him into art as a profession. After fourteen years in a secure job as a dispatcher with a waste hauling company he embraced his dreams of being an artist. He works with his art every day, if he's not tattooing he's designing tattoo's or painting with his fiancee Carolyn

George's medium of choice is acrylic on drums, canvas, home decor items and he works at Inkwizzition on South Fraser Way as a tattoo artist. He also likes writing, mostly poetry.

George is inspired by Celtic design, Brian Froud to mention a few. He loves what he does every minute of the day.

In grade 2 George's school did an expo, his class did the Congo, it was a huge multi media event for the kids. Years later George discovered an antique Congo spear in an out of the way shop at Bellis Fair. He now has an extensive African art collection with a focus on Congolese antiquities.

George thinks it's pretty funny that as a kid he was focused on being a neurosurgeon but in his sketch books he was drawing buck skin fringed jackets, motorcycles and gods eye's, and now he's living his childhood sketch books of buck skin jackets and motorcycles.

Quote "Always have a backup plan."

Poem by George Young

Burns once wrote "The best laid plans

Of men aft gang a'glae,"

And the ebb and flow of time and tide

Often interrupts the way.

But, once you realize your fondest wish,

All else falls into place,

In pursuing your dreams you will come to see

You've already won the race.

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Anonymous said...

way cool. his paintings on the drum skins are wonderful. Glad to see another artist trying to pursue what he loves doing.