Friday, January 9, 2009

Wings a flight from Darkness

Anne de Verteuil and I had a lot to talk about on our way back from Faerie worlds Festival in August. The inspirations were limitless. From our rambling thoughts we decided to present a group art show , with multi mediums and the theme "Wings". As the show was being organized Anne became very ill with depression and anxiety. Anne's flight from depression, with the help of her friends lifting her up and away from the darkness is the inspiration behind her art.

As a medium Anne used her poetry and love of fiber. Writing out the words of her depression on fabric was cathartic making her joyful to know the darkness has passed. With the dark comes the light, and her work shows the recovery as well. Darkness to light , bad to good. Despair to hope and hope is what she gives to those who suffer as she did.

Works in progress

The symbolism of wings takes many turns, we think of Angels the good, gargoyles the bad, Fairies just because they have wings doesn't mean they are good, flight, dreaming, flying away from problems, insects, yes the inspiration is limitless.
Wings a multi media group art show from January 18Th to February 11Th 2009. Opening reception January 18Th 1PM to 4PM at Kariton Gallery 2387 Ware ST Abbotsford BC.
Artists :~ Kristian Adam, Craig Carmichael, Riley Charters, Anne de Verteuil, Karen Durant, John Fultz, Fiona Howarth, Lorena Krause, Brandon Schultz, April Solomon, Daniel Tibbits, Judy Whyte.....and Music
Kristian Adam has posted an invitation to the art show on facebook check it out!

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