Monday, January 12, 2009

Anne's Poetry

Dark winged creature that reigns over the secret black places of my mind,
Bind me to you with barb wire thoughts and lies of who and what I am.
Whisper my deceit over and over and wrap chains of defeat and self-hatred around my heart.
Unknowingly I turn to you for a twisted truth that exists only inside of me.
I drown again in a river of words and thoughts,
Bleak moments of self-loathing, failure, disappointment and terror.
Burnt wings enfold me with panic and depression over and over again.
My constant companion, I seek to release you, but feed you instead with my own diseased thoughts.
One day I will learn where I have built this lair for you and what combinations hold you there
And turn light upon that dusty bed to discover
I am free.

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