Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gold In the Clouds

Steve and I had an interesting walk through the park and streets of Abbotsford today. We followed the strangest clouds, it was like an eye in the sky. A white haired women with a walker stopped us and commented that she had never seen anything like it. Our walk started out so quite with so few cars on the road crossing against the light would not have been a problem. We figured everyone was watching the hockey game for Gold. We were just coming out of the park at Age Rec when we started hearing the horns.

The soccer field was a splash of moving color as we left the park and on to Trethwey Street. All the way to South Fraser Way and back home to George Ferguson Way the noise from the cars and people was deafening. Flags and arms hanging out of cars, young and old, with so much excitement I wished I could bottle it. Sports seams to be what moves Canadians. If I could take that bottle of excitement and use it for poverty, climate change, apathy, no genetically engineered food, water, bears, whales my list is long, the world would be a very different place.

I posted a video on YouTube I hope this works It's taken me hours.


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Riley said...

hah! pretty cool K. like the video and the cloud pictures.