Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Abby Student Art In Seven Oaks Mall

W.J. Mouat, Grade 12 Acrylic. Caitlyn Neufeld
Abbotsford Middle School

Abby Middle School grade 8 Conner Gilmour
Abbosford Collegiate, Acrylic, Emily Gafurova.

Abbotsford Collegiate Photography, Julie Epp, Rachel Patterson
Abbotsford Collegiate, acrylic, mixed medium, Ali Taylor
Robert Patterson photography
Abbotsford Collegiate, 12 acrylic, Chantel Gregg
Abbotsford Collegiate 12, acrylic, Carissa Enns.

Yale Secondary, grade 12, mixed media Abigail Zubel

Abbotsford Traditional Secondary Art 9, pencil Dylaina Gollub

ATSS, Painting and Drawing 11, collage Steve Jeon

W.J. Mouat, grade 11 pencil Natascka Amazonas. Grade 12 pen & Ink Caitlyn Neufeld

W.J Mouat

I tried not to put in photo's with a lot of reflections (unfortunitly I had a lot) but I loved this piece by Caitlyn Neufeld in pencil crayon. W.J Mouat
Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts-Sumas Mtn. Grade 8 Self Potrait Moriah Misner.
Robert Bateman grade 9 Self Portraits Michelle Ellis and Lauren Jones.
Senior Photography Robert Bateman Secondary grade 12 Garrett Gilchrist

I enjoyed this art show Thank you to the students, teachers and the Mall.
I hope the students keep up the good work. Some of these pieces had a message, some were just fascinating and creative, all were done with care and attention.

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