Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moving day August 4Th 2010 and we arrived at 11:30 PM to a crunching under our feet in the carport and a dark house. We didn't find the light switch till the next day and a week later I found the one in the car port.

Steve blowing up the mattress.

The dragonfly made it safely to the new place and looks as exhausted as I was.

Living room looking into the kitchen.

Ceiling fan in living room. We have three and on a hot day they are all going. The one in the living room has an intersting beat.

Detail of floor in living room.

I spent many hours taking the glum out of the basement. If you are tall you don't want to be in this basement but for me it's not that bad My head doesn't hit a thing.

After the movers came and went we had no room to breath.

The guitars cozying up to a stuffed creature, and wearing the hairy nose.

The dragonfly in a safe temporary place peeking out from the top of the steps.

I am so happy to not be packing.

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