Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving in an Inukshuk landscape

In my waking state this morning thoughts of a rare trip to the Village Green Mall came to mind. With Thanks Giving still fresh from the day before, thanks was lingered around my head. I purchased a smoothie in the food court and after paying the young man said "Thank you kindly." It struck me that I hadn't heard those words in a long time. Not that people have not been friendly or polite, it was the kindly that he added that gave the thanks and extra value. I felt truly thanked. And I told him so and he became  humble. On Thanksgiving morning I gently kissed my husband on the back of the neck and whispered "Thank you". He whispered back "For what?" I reminded him it was Thanksgiving and the game was on.
"Oh no thank you."
"No no no no no thank you"
"No thank you"
And we continued out doing each other in the thank yous till we laughed, a good start to the day.
After breakfast on Thanksgiving we walked up the steep hill past the new construction and around the sign that reads. "Restricted area no motorcycles or ATVs" We recently discovered this area. The views are amazing but you have to watch out for bears.
We were also impressed with all the Inushuk, someone has been very busy with the placement and balancing of rocks.

A vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner, an orange plate with what Steve called pocket pastry. I made a yeasted bread with spelt and rice flours and stuffed it with a blend of carrots, onions, garlic, pumpkin,sesame and hemp seeds, Rosemary and thyme, a silver bowl of mashed yams, a blue bowl of rice and lentil salad with cilantro and kohlrabi, a pie plate full of spiced cake with oat, amaranth, and rice flours, topped with spiced apples and raspberries, not in the picture was the cashew cream for on top of the apple cake. The last silver bowl is for Mateo, rice, lentils, cilantro, kohlrabi, yams and organic kibble.

Thank you are words that can not be said enough. Thank you kindly.

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