Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bringing in the New Year with a Hammer and a Saw

flooring neatly stacked according to size
  Steve and I spent the weekend of the New Year with hammer and saw in hand. Steve did the sawing and I did the hammering. Our visions as to how the floor was going to go together were at odds, so I stepped back and let Steve figure it out. I just really wanted it done. A lot of time was spent moving boards around to get the best fit and color combinations. If I had done my math right I would have bought enough wood for the whole floor. By the time we realized we needed two more boxes(a box is 20sqft, we needed 42sqft) I could not get the same flooring so we had to go with something else, the dark narrower boards seemed to be the best choice. Saturday evening when the floor was all done we sat on the new floor sipping tea by candle light, contemplating wood grains and how wonderful it was to have the floor done. Next trim, baseboards, and the closet racks and things. Hoping to have a closet by next weekend.
Steve hard at it.

Detail of corner entrance

Looking forward to the finished closet and getting the living room back.

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