Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow Falls

The gate to Sicamous Street

Mattie's view.

This was a very busy day We had two telus guy's at two poles working on the lines. And across the street lots of city trucks and such working on a water leak. Our water was off for hours.

Mattie on the shoveled back porch.

Hay bale fence heavy with snow.

Veiw from the kitchen window, the sky had a hint of pink.

In the back yard leans a Willow.

Snow can be seen piled high, this one looks to be almost as high as the building. I have also seen the snow being trucked away.

Riverside park picinic tables.

Steve, Mateo and the monster snow heap.

River Walk in the fog.

River Walk

Woodpicker along River Walk.
It has certainly snowed a lot and my arm hurts from shoveling the beautiful white crystalline stuff.

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