Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Depression and an Art Sale Social

March has been a month of disasters for many. Japan is heavy in my heart, hero's working for the greater good at the cost of their own lives. Why we are still as humans at war as our planet grows smaller with the expectation of 7 billion people by the end of the year. The depression I felt the day of the Super Moon was over whelming. The moon itself was exciting, dashed by cloud cover. When we moved into this small old house Steve would be working at and office but his job has gone and other work has replaced “the Job”. We find ourselves needing an office for Steve and a sewing Room for me, and the computers, my computers his computers. Too much stuff, too much stuff to do is bogging me down in this small old house. Perspective stops as if going down stairs with no rail to hang on to, we have a “home”.
As I walk my morning walk, stepping around the dog droppings, I let the disasters and the smell of smoke and mold from the snows melt, fall away. The sight of snow drops blooming, budding trees, Herons souring above my head squawking their prehistoric language, sweet modulations of song birds in the tree tops all heighten my senses. We have survived the winter and the signs of spring shake the depression as the rain will wash away the winters dust.

Art Sale Social

Steve and Karen have been collecting and making art for years.

Their small house is bursting at the seams

the art is on walls and stored in the attic room.

They need more room to breath and money to fix the back porch.

Place-800 Stanley Ave Enderby BC

Date-Sunday April 3, 2011

Time-12:00 noon to 5:00PM

Refreshments lovingly served

(You are welcome to bring treats)

In attendance from 3PM to 5PM will be our new

Green Party Candidate Greig Crockett

come meet Greig and his Wife Connie,
get to know the man we plan on making our next MP

Parking. We have a driveway on Stanley Ave and one on Sicamus St.

There is no parking in front of our house on Stanley Ave,

there is parking on the 700 block of Stanley and on Sicamus St.

Call Karen at 250-838-9581 for more information

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