Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Gypsy Bazaar

Ben Fulton Co-ordinator
When you first walk into The Gypsy Bazaar you do not know what to expect. Expect the unexpected. On Ben's business card it says "an eclectic collection of commerce". It all started with a place, a dilapidated old building, built in 1965 as a medical building. They moved in about three years ago and spent a lot of time fixing the broken plumbing and all that goes with an old building. They wanted to do something positive in the community. The Gypsy Bazaar is a place that Artists can hang their wares on consignment. If you are interested in learning they have a number of workshops they are organizing. Yoga, Origami, sewing, nutrition to name a few.

Table runner by Karen Durant, mirrors Julia Armstrong

Mirrors by Julia Armstrong

Bone carvings by Paul Graham

Art chairs and books by Howard Brown.

Funky Doodles jewelry

Flutes and books by Gary Badke.

Boo Bits, candle holders, stuffed critters.

Bath Balms, Om flower Essence

Cd's Independent Canadian artists

Mixed medium Donna

Nut cracker carved by Curt Rem.

Sarah is Mom

Angel dolls and odd sock dolls by Joan Bodke

Stained glass by Neil Fidler

Ben and Gillian

Art cards by Donna

Art on the sidewalk by Kyle Walker

Mural by Kyle Walker
As you can see The Gypsy Bazaar is an eclectic collection of commerce, They also have furniture, but it sells quickly. I have only mentioned a few artist showing at the Gypsy Bazaar, and I think it will evolve. It is not the kind of place you go in and see it all, every time you go in you will see something different. Hope to see you there.

March 13th Philosopher's Cafe

March 17th St Patrick's Day

March 27th 1pm to 4pm Gerty Shipmaker book signing

The Gypsy Bazaar is located at 509 Mill Ave Enderby BC

Phone # is (250) 838-0587

If I spelled your name wrong let me know and I will fix it.

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