Thursday, June 23, 2011

How did you spend your Fathers Day? One thing we couldn't do was phone or visit with our Dads. My Dad has been gone for awhile and Steve's Dad recently passed at the age of 90. They were on our minds and in our hearts as the influential men in our lives.
My booth with the Smart as a table for display and the canopy holding the clothing rack.
What we did do was have a booth at the Caravan Farm Market out in farm country. They also have a Theater which will be starting in July, something I must experience. 
I added to my booth aprons for men and hats, work hats and a most lovely blue cotton hat with a bee on top. They all went nicely with the skirts, hankies, wings and wood creations.  

Next to me is the Garlic Lady, and she has many tasty treats

Tina Hawkins is from Enderby, good music.

Our favorite bread.

The preferred chocolate in her organic selection

A lot of families enjoyed the wagon rides having a beautiful setting .

The boys just hang-in.

The garlic booth is not just about garlic.

Little girls were walking around with pink or green up do's.  

recycled skate boards turned into belt buckles and  folding pipes.

A little country golf?

More music with "Runaway Lane" and another great Sunday. What will next Sunday bring?

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