Monday, June 13, 2011

On a Fine Sunday

Most days start out with breakfast then a walk with Matty. Our neighbors have beautiful gardens, the sights and smells can be heavenly.
Each time we walk we see something new or now blooming. This Sunday Steve was out playing golf while we walked around town.

Yellow roses

With the beautiful gardens we also get the ugly highway work. We haven't had sidewalks on the highway for a long time. It will be so good to have the work done and the dust settled. Please get it done!

Cat encounter. The cat was meowing loudly from this doorway.

River Walk

The water is high and moving swiftly.

Steve arrived home about the same time as Matty and I. We planned on going to The Caravan Farmers Market and then off to Vernon for some grocery shopping. It's a beautiful drive to the market and we purchased bread, and apricot cake, Ginger beer with roasted garlic, and organic chocolate. 
Ushie told us about the Run Away Moon Peony Tea, but we were on our way to Vernon. The traffic was so bad at Armstrong we decided to go to the 
tea. Good choice!

The cake was good and very sweet.

They have a puppet museum from the ten years of shows. Wonderful puppets. 
Entertainment scheduale

From the Puppet Museum you walked into the room with the food, silent auction , hat decorating, and seedy art.

One Camel Short

For a donation you could cut your own peonies.

The entertainment was fun and we were happy to have arrived early parking was on a kilometer long road.

Home, as Steve snoozed on the deck with Matty  I walked into the workshop and made a discovery.

Looking through the dirty window I found white roses were blooming behind the shop, where no one walks.

Our purchases and discoveries of the day 

Trees in our yard

Our square foot garden, and the pond

I can't believe how many quince are growing  on this tree.

Barrel to collect rain water. We have one more to set up
Old gardens have old weeds and old sad trees.
The pleasure in the treasures to be found of color and scent make up for all the hard work.

Our Sunday finished off as the clouds slowly rolled in and the rain came.

A fine Sunday it was.

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