Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So Much To Do

 Painting the wall was a huge job. Here it is with the primer done and the coat of paint almost done on the one side. The little fence still needs to be painted but we have some viscous ants that live close to the fence and it is easier to just not do it.
We had 14 peaches on our peach tree this year. I picked the first one and eat it warm from the tree. It was a taste of heaven, sweet juice ran down the side of my mouth as I slowly savored the tasty fruit. Peach trees are not happy here, and this year we had too much rain for their liking.

With our neighbor Jeannette's help Steve and I got the big school table out of the shop and under the tree. The first project under the tree was lunch with Jeannette, Steve made her lunch I made mine. The next project was the canopy of painted clear plastic and sheer white fabric, attached under the tree to keep the debris from falling. Next project getting ready for the fall fairs. Elizabeth May as a Flower.

A clothes line has been hung. I am sure I spent a whole day hanging the line and doing the laundry.  Looking at the laundry in the garden from under the tree.

The roots were a bit of a problem for walking around under the tree. I was told if you  cover up the roots you will kill the tree, don't want to do that. So I just put some old bricks and sand among the roots in strategics places to help with the walking. I like it and so does Mattie for digging it up.

The garden has been slow and some of it seamed to be growing smaller rather than bigger, but the flowers are happy.  

Fairy moss loves my pond, we have to take some out  once and awhile it grows so fast. The fish seam to like being in the pond again.

Looking out the shop door into the garden.

Peas, lettuce, nasturtiums,  all from the square foot garden

Dragon beans and kale.

Dinner, I have been making a lot of dips with bean base or vegetable base.  Last nights dip was kale, basil, lemon juice, sunflower seeds, olive oil, salt, whizzed up in the blender. For bean dips you can use your favorite bean some of my favorites are lentils, pinto, adzuki, you can add lemon juice, tahini, garlic, zucchini, your favorite herbs and spices. Be creative.

Flowers from Jeannette's garden.

Then we have lunch. Blue corn chips, bean dip, green olives stuffed with almonds, daiya nondairy cheese, cilantro. Yummm. 

Art in a downtown Enderby window. In the reflection you can see scaffolding for some construction across the street. I didn't have any thing to write down the name of the artist I am sorry.
Punch. I have been making some very good punches with herb teas such as Rooibos, rose petal, rose hip, fresh mint,  and fruits just squeezed into the tea. Lemon juice, raspberries, cherries, apricots, not necessarily all at once. A touch of Stevia for sweetening.

One Sunday walk took us under the bridge I was impressed. 

Art under the bridge.

After all that a nap anywhere, in any position  will do for Mattie

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