Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Brawn Book Launch

The excitement began as my husband Steve and I walked through the parking lot of Bastion Elementary School in Salmon Arm. Kids were running to get into the school leaving their parents behind struggling to catch up. We followed the sounds of play through the isles thinking maybe we were going the wrong way. Better ask the friendly pair counting out tickets. “Is this the way to the book signing?” We had arrived into a gymnasium sectioned off with basket ball games of historical significance. Every corner was a different way of playing basket ball; from Duck on a Rock, wheelchair basketball to original basketball.

I introduced myself to writer Wilf Pauls, teacher librarian, and illustrator Cathy Steeves, first grade French immersion teacher at Bastion Elementary. Pauls and Steeves were the guiding force behind the organized chaos that quickly surrounded us. This was the book launch for their second book “Baby Brawn Basketball Superstar”. Last year they launched their first book “Baby Brawn Hockey Superstar” both published in Canada by Friesens Corporation.

I reached up as high as I could to get all the foot prints in the  shoe size chart. Baby Brawn's print is in the far right hand corner.

Writer Wilf Pauls, illustrator Cathy Steeves

Pauls, Steeves and fan Aspen Ambler

A personal message for Aspen.

They had a size for everyone.

Bigger than life Baby Brawn's Mommy and fans. With historical notes and instructions on games.

The history of basketball.

Important dates in basketball.Add caption
It was obvious the kids loved these books and felt pride in knowing the teacher and librarian that produced the books. Lines were forming to buy books, tee shirts, eat cookies, cakes and to play ball. Smiles were on the faces of parents and kids of all ages as they played, munched basketball cookies and waited for a personal message to be written in their books. I bought both books, today I will send them to a special someone on my Christmas list. 
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