Thursday, December 29, 2011

Misfortune In Enderby

Last night I was awakened suddenly by a noise that sounded like an explosion, this was 4ish. I got out of bed and roamed barefoot from window to window only seeing empty streets. In the morning while walking the dogs on Old Salmon Arm Rd I had to run home to get my camera to take photo's of the guys peeling off the old school roof. While taking the pictures I noticed what looked like smoke or fog from the river. A women walking her dog told me it was a fire and that a volunteer fire fighter had died. My heart goes out to the family of the young man. It's a dangerous job. The fire was on Brickyard Rd at Sperlich Log Construction. I drove to the site and took a few more photo's. It's all over the news but one says he was 25 and another says the firefighter was 29.  He was newly married. 

You can see the smoke to the left of the photo. The white suits gleamed against the dark of the cliffs.

Smoke was still bellowing out by the time I arrived. 

Fire Fighters were still hosing water on the building  approximately 5 hours after they thought it was contained .  

I drove over to the now empty North Valley  Frame Works where Steve once worked on Bass Ave and got this shot. It was close to a number of business's. 
I thought about the men still working on the fire knowing one of their own was gone taken by the fire they were still containing. I hope they give themselves time to mourn.

Thank you to all the Fire Fighters, take care.

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Yolanda said...

Oh, that's terrible. What a tragedy, My heart goes out to his family.