Saturday, February 4, 2012

Karen's Endless Blooms

It was a frosty February 4TH, 2012 the one year anniversary for Karen  at "Karen's Endless Blooms". She graduated from Florist school in 1981. The first 4 months were business related not one bloom in sight. It makes sense all the knowledge as a florist would just go out the window if you had no business sense. 
On my way to Karen's Endless Blooms I had to stop at Jennet Palmer's to take some photo's of the frosty globe thistles. 
Karen feels great about the move to Enderby, her husband is very supportive and paid the first months rent. In the shop I was drawn to a beautiful white flower, my nose led the way. It was the kind of flower that smelled so good you wanted to eat it, but then you couldn't smell it ,so you savor the aroma. Yummy. When I asked Karen for a photo with her favorite flowers, turns out it was the very yummy flowers I was sniffing, Gardenia. She wore them in her hair when she got married, I can just imagine how beautiful she was with Gardenias in her hair wafting a luscious aroma as she walked down the isle.


Karen with the yummy Gardenia.

I came home with carnations and Bird of Paradise.

As a florist Karen gets people coming in for a variety of reasons.  Some of the sold flowers in her cooler were for people that helped with the procession of Dan Botkin. She already has weddings booked for September, and Valentine's is ten days away. If you think of flowers in terms of emotions, Karen has a lot of emotions walking through her door. It takes a special skill to deal with people and their emotions on a daily basis. Next time you go see Karen tell her she's beautiful.

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