Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BC River Days

Enderby finished off River Days September 30TH with a flock of 11 local birds portrayed by the Dawn Stilt Chorus.
Belvidere park was lined with lanterns all along the river walk. Cathy Stubington with Runaway Moon Theater put on many lantern workshop  months prier to River Days, in schools, and community centers. It was a wonderful ending to a day of cleaning the river, painting Salmon on wood, and walking the river walk. At dusk the lanterns were lit and placed in the river accompanied by canoes and kayaks. A beautiful luminescence of the river. 

Dusk approaching and the abstract photo's multiply.

It was so cute the way they hung out in the tree and surrounded us with bird calls.

The lanterns are carried  to the river to slowly float.

dancing of the lanterns.

Can you find the distinct outline of the swan?

The lanterns were all picked up out of the river. Thank you to all.

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