Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Salmon Are Swimming Around Our Fence

The small fence getting it's first coat the primer.
Finally I finished painting the small hay bale fences. For two years I have been fretting and worrying about what I would paint on the fence. I had a few ideas, but the fence is so big I was a bit overwhelmed at the prospects of painting a mural  on the fence. The biggest fear I have to overcome is believing in what I can do. It's one thing sitting up in my attic room sewing or painting but the fence is so public. I really enjoyed talking to people as they passed by and made positive comments on the Salmon.

The Shuswap river is the main attraction in Enderby and the Salmon give life to the river. The Salmon have been feeding humans, bears, eagles for thousands of years. Human greed is causing the Salmon to decline. For more information on what is happening to the Salmon read Alexandra Morton's blog she has been studying fish for a long time. Alexandra is a Salmon Hero. The Norwegian fish farms on the BC coast line are giving the wild Salmon lice, viruses, and creating a toxic sludge under the nets. Don't eat farmed Salmon. I stopped eating the Salmon, it is more important to the Aboriginal, bear, and the Eagle than is is to my diet. River Days are September 30TH what are you doing that day? Respect the rivers they give us life.
This is the first fish I painted on the inside wall of the small fence. 

First color is painted, second color started.

Waiting for the final touches.

Salmon swimming around the corner on our fence.

Alexandra Morton

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