Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hats, Hats and Hats

Hats have been on my mind lately,  they are much smaller to work with and fit in a big box to be transported to and from home and markets. I had fun with Steve's old worn out jeans designing a landscape around the worn knee. My next project is for the ARTBEAT of Enderby, for more information on the art show fundraiser click on Artbeat

Cloche with Garlic scape detail.

Medieval inspired with bleached and painted cotton knit and a rocket on top.

The Bee.

Floppy patchy.

Aviators helmet.

This was a special order for The Healthy Chocolate Company.  This symbol is the Mayan symbol for Chocolate.

The symbol on this side is the Mayan symbol for Healthy.

All together, in the foreground are Celtic belt/headbands, and the big dragonfly hat in the back I am still working on.

Had to have something for the Red Hat Ladies.

Cloche with grape vine tendrils. The fabric was dyed and painted by Anne DeVerteuil.
If you have any hat ideas for your own head let me know..............

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