Friday, November 16, 2012

Primordial Soup At The Gypsy Bazaar

Susan Fleming The Treasure and the Orca's.
The Gypsy Bazaar has been rearranged to make way for their first art show, "Primordial Soup". The show is in two stages, today November 16TH 2012 was the start of Susan Fleming's acrylic on canvas, "Impressions From Minus 40 Feet" Susan lived on Vancouver Island and did some scuba diving. Some of the paintings are from her memories of the deep underwater weightlessness. She also has a greeting card collection of five Enderby buildings or homes, all snowy for Christmas. Ben Fulton was proud of her rendition of the Gypsy Bazaar.  I liked the pencil crayon Mandala  that sold, it was very earthy. The art work will be up till December 8TH. The Second part of the art show will be a book launching on November 30TH from 3 to 7 PM for Susan's cook book "Button Soup" Drop in on Ben, Sarah and Susan at the Gypsy Bazaar on Mill Ave in Enderby on the 30th and have a taste of soup. 

Susan, Ben and his Mom Sarah. Ben is holding the card of the Gypsy Bazaar.

For more information on Susan Fleming's art and her book go to cook book and  Susan's art

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