Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fascinating Squash Blossoms

Lately I have been fascinated by Squash Blossoms, food that inspires art. I can see how Art Nouveau was inspired by nature; the intricate veins on the newly forming blossoms or leaf, the twisted petals of a dying blossom, the unfurling tendrils. Our squash plants seem to be growing more male blossoms than female blossoms, the female produces the squash, so I have been snipping off the male blossoms and making a kind of squash blossom crape.  Maybe tonight I will try stuffing them. They can be savory or sweet, I like the crape just a bit sweet, and I use, organic oat flour, corn flour and tapioca flour. I cut the stem part off, and take out the stamens, that end of the blossom can be bitter. This is making me hungry. Have fun creating your own squash blossom dish, let me know how your's turn out.

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