Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Whimsical Soul"

Marc Ferland with his Guitar case

Marc Ferland, Montreal Born , Enderby Artist, puts “Whimsy and Soul” into His Work.

In Alert Bay, at 25 years of age Marc started an apprenticeship in carpentry. He fell in love with carpentry, it kept him grounded and gave him a comfortable living. He works well with his clients and through his suggestions he has helped them to create wonderful living spaces.

Working motivates Marc to be an artist. At work you are doing what your client wants you to do, but in your studio you can do 100% what you want to do. Wood is one medium Marc likes to study, copper fascinates him, his studio is full of his works in acrylic, soapstone, clay and repurposed old stuff. He is inspired by nature, getting out of town, off the road, paddling a canoe up the river, gives him back the vivid colors of life that you lose when you are surrounded by city walls and noise everyday. Marc loves being surrounded by other artists and music is also an inspiration.

Marc likes to share his knowledge in a spontaneous way, it's important to help the younger people that don't have the judgment and can listen to your ideas with an open mind. He would never want to teach in a structured setting but would like to do workshops, maybe how to do curves in wood?

Marc feels his greatest achievement is his friends. Sometimes he has to pinch himself in wonder at how he has so many good friends, “We spend a lot of time laughing at me.” He also wants to be himself and not to copy someone else; he knows inside he has something that no one else has. “Don't look for treasure in someone else's back yard, find the treasure inside yourself. Don't listen to the voices that say No, you can't do that, you don't have the money, the time, the materials. Art is about doing it.”

“Find the treasure inside of you, and work with what you have.”

Marc is a member of the Courtyard Gallery; for more information on the gallery, go to

His work melts into his hands. August 4, 2013 In the Courtyard of the Courtyard Gallery.

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