Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Is Your Favorite Art Medium?

 Last night on the way to Armstrong for a Humorous speech contest, I was asked what my favorite art form was. I rattled off, fiber arts, fabric paint, watercolors, foil, wood, acrylics, I couldn't say what my favorite was, but I do like popcorn and chocolate.  Food being slightly off topic, we decided chocolate was an art form, and I will be making vegan chocolate truffles today. I thought I would try them with quince. I forgot to mention photography, I have been busy clicking  flowers still blooming, pumpkins, squash, works in progress. Singing is another art form I love, no favorites, that is why I am the "Master Dabbler" 
I have been busy working with my favorite things, the artist of the Courtyard Gallery are all busy getting ready for "The Little Treasures Show" in mid November,  Courtyard Gallery click the link for more information about the gallery. We had a Monday workshop and hand painted glass ornaments. I have been making rust dyed scarves, painting dragonfly's on wood and sketching for a painting on canvas. Tuesday is Toastmasters, Wednesday is choir practice and the yard is just about ready for winter.
Steve has been busy fixing our leaking car port, It no longer leaks, thank you Steve and his helper Louis.
Small sunflower planted by the birds, the water barrels still need to be drained.

White pumpkin, squash can be so much fun to make into soups, pies, patties and very good for the dog. They make such a lovely arrangement in the kitchen.

Works in progress, wood and foil.

Rust dyed unity scarf, with a view of the cliffs in our back yard.
Lots to do, I just hope I can finish all the projects I have planned. Do you have a favorite art medium? What would that be?
Who won the Humorous speech contest? Enderby's Museum Curator Naomi Fournier. She will be going on to Golden next week, congratulations.
Until December 5 or when we get enough signatures I will be collecting signatures for a petition to hold a referendum to vote on the decimalization of Marijuana. Karina of the Healthy Chocolate Company and I share a booth at the Armstrong and Enderby Farmers Market.  It has been cold in the mornings. 

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