Friday, October 25, 2013

Peace, Pair And The Dragonfly's

I am loving the colors, the rustle of the leaves, I feel like a child again when I walk through them with glee, the dog avoids me at times of rustling, Come to think of it so does my husband.

It feels good to have my glass ornaments done for the Courtyard Gallery, I like them so much I might have to buy them myself. It also feels good to have the dragonfly boxes done, they are going to look amazing in your house, the hallway perhaps? 

On with the next project, I have a plan, but we shall see what tomorrow will bring.

Mattie is not a poser, but he loves the sun.

Waiting for the finish among the spilled bowl of squash.

From the start.

Peace, Pair and the Dragonfly's.

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